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During the hot summer months or the cold and harsh winter months, our lips take a beating from sun, wind or sand, and they could use a little natural pampering.Then, rinse off the mask with a damp towel to reveal the soft skin underneath.

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What it does: Balms nourish your lips and provide the following targeted lip care benefits, while, the lip scrubs soften and prep lips for a treatment or lipstick thanks to gentle sugar exfoliants.Making your own DIY all-natural scrub is the best way to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

Keep your lips soft with this DIY sugar lip scrub flavored with hazelnut coffee.This exfoliating treat buffs away dead skin to leave your lips ready for flawless lipstick application.Stir the coconut oil and brown sugar together with the back of a spoon and put into a little lip balm container.Lip scrubs are quite similar to lip balms and often contain similar ingredients such as natural waxes, oils, various butters and fats that help to moisturize and protect the sensitive skin on your lips from exposure to the harsh elements.Shop candy rose, iced mint, coco sugar, coconut oil and ocean extract.

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Contrary to common belief, lip balm is not the best way to combat dry chapped lips.

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In the article various natural lip scrub recipes provides you with directives on how to prepare and use your homemade lip exfoliator.You might think all you need to do for your lips is to put some balm on them.

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Traditionally sugar, in combination with honey and edible oil are said to be the best homemade lip exfoliator.Making your own homemade lip scrub is a quick and easy DIY project.In the winter, when our lips are dried out from exposure to cold air, they can become chapped and sore.

It gives me soft, smooth and hydrate lips!.

You only need 4 ingredients to whip up this homemade lip scrub.Exfoliation is the 1st (and critical) step in fighting chapped lips.This sugar cookie lip scrub recipe smells just like a sugar cookie and leaves lips soft and smooth.

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Prep your lips with a buff and polish at the start of your make-up routine to ensure your lipstick glides on and stays put.

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Just apply with a clean finger, and let the exfoliating caster sugar and softening jojoba oil scrub away dead skin and infuse moisture to rejuvenate your smile.Best Lip Scrub Recipe When selecting your favorite lip scrub, it is essential to find out on the ingredients used in the making.To make a lip mask, start by combining olive oil, sugar, honey, and coconut oil in a small bowl and stirring them to make a thick paste.What it is: A range of lip balms and scrubs, with a melting and gliding texture that hydrate and nurture lips all day long.

Like a body scrub, a lip scrub is a semi-liquid or other soft-solid base containing particles that slough off dry, flaky pieces and leave smooth skin behind.These scrubs also works great for cleaning the dead skin and dirt from lips making it look clean and pink.If the coconut oil is too hard to stir, gently warm it in your hands, or in the sun (or in the microwave, if you use one), to slightly soften the coconut oil before stirring.

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This easy lip scrub has only two ingredients plus an essential oil, which is optional.Great for a pout that is often dehydrated, a hint of microscopic sugar particles eliminate dry skin, guaranteeing baby-soft kisses to give and receive.This article may contain affiliate links which support this site at no cost to you.

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The Lip Scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips ridiculously soft and supple. BENEFITS. Lip exfoliator that leaves skin soft and supple.To make this DIY lip scrub, just mix coffee grounds, peppermint essential oil, and coconut oil.

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Use this homemade Cinnamon Lip Scrub at least 2 to 3 times a week to keep your lips soft and smooth.I added a little peppermint essential oil to add the clean, refreshing feel too.Scaly, chapped and dry lips can be difficult to treat during dry and cold weather.

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Finally, store the rest of the mask in the refrigerator and.Using an exfoliating lip scrub every couple of days is key for soft, kissable lips.

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