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If you are RIGHT handed, take measurements from your RIGHT hand.The global leader in authentic boxing, MMA and fitness related sporting goods, equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories.

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Hand width is the hand circumference, just over the knuckles.

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Once selected, glove use requirements for your lab should be posted in your Chemical Hygiene Plan flipchart under the Standard Operating Procedures section.An uncomfortable fit causes hand fatigue and ultimately could lead to a potential work-place hazard.Accurate Fitting Maximizes Your Comfort and Protection TurtleSkin Glove sizes are based on hundreds of actual hand measurements and come in sizes that precisely match the needs of a diverse workforce.Sizing Charts for Sports Apparel Our size charts are available for pants, shorts, shirts, turtlenecks, jackets and socks and include measuring instructions.

Your glove size is the measurement in inches around the palm of your hand.

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With your hand on the chart choose the sizing bar closest to the edge of your right hand.TurtleSkin gloves come in a range of sizes for accurate, comfortable, and secure protection.Using a measuring tape, measure around your hand at the widest part.

An infield glove should have a measurement of approximately 10 to 12.5 inches, depending on glove size while an outfield glove should measure between 11.5 and 14 inches, depending on size.The way that a glove design can stay snug on a range of hand types is STRETCH.

The individual designers add ease to various sections of the garment to obtain the style they are creating.Boxing gloves come with different weights that dictate their size.When a hazard assessment identifies a need for hand protection, it is the responsibility of the employer to determine the best glove for the task at hand.

Surgical Gloves Sizing Chart If you are wearing surgical gloves for the first time, Finding the correct surgical glove size may take longer than expected.Standards for Color-Coding A glove-chemical combination receives GREEN if either set of the following conditions is met: The degradation rating is Excellent or Good The permeation breakthrough.

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Everlast is the glove that some of us grew up on, and they provide a serious dynamic of value even to this day.

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Alpinestars is the world-leading manufacturer of professional racing products, motorcycling airbag protection, high-performance apparel, and technical footwear.

Glove Sizing Chart This chart can be used to estimate the proper glove size for riders.Another way to get your glove measurement is to compare your hand to a size outline.With your dominant hand open and extended, measure across the widest part of your palm, not including your thumb.

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We suggest that they consider the style of the gloves that they use.These charts make it easy to select the best fitting glove size depending on the size of your palms and fingers.

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